Premise Distribution

Premise Distribution is the general term used to describe the craft of cable installations in buildings. Today's network performance requirements demand careful planning and a high level of installer skill. In order to deliver an installed cable plant that meets current and projected network performance parameters, the installation staff and its management, must have both adequate training and hands-on experience. Guided by years of professional experience, Faircable Inc. can provide design and installation services for all types of structured cable systems. We specialize in the installation of both copper and optical fiber media and to ensure long term performance, system integrity, and cable plant investment protection, Faircable performs rigorous compliance testing on all components of its cable installations. At customers request Faircable's test results are provided on printout and in electronic form as part of the job's as-built documentation package.

Design of Structured Cable Systems

As a full service network company, Faircable can provide cable system designs for your single floor office space, multi-story building and campus environment. At Faircable, we provide excellence in design of all types of cabling projects including copper and optical fiber cable systems.

Optical Fiber Systems

Faircable can provide you with excellence in design, installation, maintenance, and emergency restoration for both multimode and singlemode optical fiber cables.

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